Whether we like it or not, we’ve all been exposed to gambling from a very early age. From games of chance at kids’ carnivals to church bingo, to dominoes, dice and card games. Even fund raising raffles. Gambling is all around us. It has been around in some form or another since the beginning of mankind. And if you’re going to gamble, many see sports gambling as a much greater value than traditional casino games. A hand of blackjack is over with quickly. A lot of money can leave your hands quickly.


When you place a bet on a sporting contest, you usually have a few days to wonder about it. Then during the game you can have hours of entertainment. Sometimes right down to the last few seconds. Most sports betters grew up watching and playing sports. They feel they have an acquired knowledge and judgment about the subject. They can relate easier than say betting on the stock market.


There are lots of compelling reasons people sports gamble. Mostly because we’re fans and we like following sports. Young, old, professional, blue collar, guys, gals, all walks of life. Rich or poor, sports gambling transcends society. Sports gambling can be many things legal entertainment, fun, profitable, dangerous, bankrupting, and sometimes criminal.