How to Identify and Avoid Gambling Scams

Easy money, especially in gaming, is seductive. As online gaming sites have developed, so have scammers. Fortunately, understanding the correct things can keep you safe.

Gambling Scam Warning Signs

Promised Wins

If someone or a website promises certain gaming success, it’s a scam. The truth is that gambling is dangerous and that any approach that guarantees success is a deception.

Unlicensed Sites

Trustworthy organizations license and regulate gambling sites. Unlicensed sites aren’t accountable and can easily change games to benefit themselves.

Unrealistic Rewards

Bonuses can attract signups, but avoid scams. Read the terms and conditions carefully because these deals typically have hefty wagering requirements that make cashing out difficult.

Phishing Attempts

Emails and texts from a real company may try to obtain your gambling site login information. Do not click suspicious links or files.

How to Stay Safe

Use Trustworthy Sites

Research! Choose established online gaming sites with fair play and safety records.

Secure Your Data

Online financial information should be shared carefully. Only wager on sites using two-factor authentication.

Money and Limits

Set and stick to a gaming budget. You may limit your deposit on several online gambling sites to gamble safely.


With these techniques, you can play without getting scammed. Remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you’re unsure, leave. Responsible gambling should be pleasant and free of frauds.