Promotion Tc

To illustrate further the cost of giving away your hand, suppose you are playing head-up razz with no ante, no forced bet, and all the time in the world. You have decided, therefore, to play super-super-tight, folding everything except A,2,3 on your first three cards. With no ante it would seem you’re a cinch to end up a winner, but the fact is a good player will slaughter you.


He’ll soon know you are playing only A,2,3, and he’ll play his cards accordingly. He’ll start off with slightly worse hands than yours, like three-card 5s and three-card 6s, but he’ll wind up beating you on later plays since he’ll know exactly what you have. He’ll know when you pair up and when you don’t, and he’ll never make a mistake. making your move. The basis of your decision to play normally or deceptively is simple.


On the other hand, though you start out with the better hand, you will make mistakes because you won’t know what your opponent has. Thus, while in general it is correct to play very tight when there is no ante and no forced bet, by playing only A,2,3 in razz, you are giving away so much information that you don’t stand a chance against a good opponent.